Romney: Obama Wants U.S. To Have Capacity For One Military Conflict At A Time

Mitt Romney, campaigning in Fairfax, Virginia, said Thursday that President Obama wants to limit the U.S. military’s capacity so it can only engage in one conflict at a time. Criticizing the automatic defense spending cuts looming at the end of the year, which passed as part of the bipartisan debt-limit deal, Romney said he will “restore our military commitment and keep America the strongest military in the world.”

“This president’s done something I find hard to understand. Ever since FDR, we’ve had capacity to be engaged in two conflicts at once,” Romney said. “He’s saying, ‘No, we’re going to cut that back to one conflict.'”

 Romney’s attack comes as the campaign has focused anew on foreign policy in light of attacks on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Egypt and Libya.