Romney Leads GOP In Donations From ‘Harvard Faculty Lounge’

Despite criticizing the “Harvard faculty lounge” in speeches, Mitt Romney has a commanding lead over the rest of the GOP field in donations from current Harvard employees.

According to the Harvard Crimson’s analysis, Romney has collected $23,150 from Harvard employees, dwarfing Ron Paul’s second-place haul of $3,103. Neither Rick Santorum, who recently called President Obama a “snob” for encouraging college education, nor Newt Gingrich, a former college professor, has received any publicly listed donations. 

While Romney may dump on Harvard in public, his fundraising lead there is hardly surprising. He holds both law and business degrees from the school, three of his sons have degrees as well, and he’s donated tens of thousands of dollars to the instiution. As of October, he also had some 14 Harvard-connected advisers on his foreign policy team alone and prominent Harvard professors on his economic team as well.