Romney Campaign: Obama’s Policies More Important Than Daily Caller Video

Top Romney adviser Kevin Madden said that President Obama’s record is more important to the election than a video of President Obama speaking about Hurricane Katrina in 2007 and resurfaced by the conservative Daily Caller Tuesday night, in an interview on “CBS This Morning” Wednesday, distancing the Romney campaign from the video. 

“Voters have to look at that video and have to make up their mind on that individually,” Madden said, responding to a question on whether the video is relevant. “I think what’s much morse important to this debate right now are the president’s policies.”

Pressed on whether Madden agreed with Fox News host Sean Hannity that the video is a “bombshell,” Madden responded: 

Well, I think that it was covered in 2007. I think a number of folks will continue to cover it today. How they cover it in that context I think a lot of that is up to individual voters and whether they think it’s relevant to the conversation we’re having today. We believe as a campaign, I think Gov. Romney believes, what’s most relevant are the president’s policies and how they are affecting people’s bottom line. That’s a much more relevant debate that we’ll focus on.