Rob Ford Calls For Drug Test Including City Council


Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford on Tuesday called for a drug test for himself and all city council members. 

“Why don’t we just have a drug test,” he asked in an interview with Toronto news station CP24. “Or have a snap election?”

He said that it was hypocritical for some of the members of the Toronto city council to vote to strip him of his powers when he has witnessed what he says was questionable behavior among them.

“I have seen these councillors stumbling out of events,” Ford said, asserting that some council members have been criminally charged.

Ford said he would appeal the decision of the city council to strip him of some of his powers and that he has “declared war” on those “who have stabbed me in the back.”

Ford also assured CP24 anchor Stephen Ledrew that he has quit drinking and will not use drugs again.

“Guaranteed — 100 percent,” Ford said.

The Toronto mayor added that he will definitely be running for re-election and that he is “confident” about his chances.

“I’ll put my record up against anyone’s,” he said. “This city is ten times better than it was three years ago.”