Michigan Man Killed In Apparent Road Rage While Picking Kids Up From School


A 43-year-old man in Michigan was shot and killed on Tuesday in what sheriff’s officials said was a road rage incident that took place while the victim was en route to pick up his children from their first day of school, according to the Livingston Daily newspaper.

Derek Flemming, the victim, was driving with his wife in Genoa Township, Mich., when a pickup truck nearly hit their vehicle and then cut them off at a traffic light, the victim’s family attorney, William Moore, told the newspaper.

Livingston County Sheriff Bob Bezotte said that, while at the light, Flemming got out of his car and approached the truck to ask what the driver’s problem was. Bezotte said witnesses of the incident reported that the driver of the truck rolled down his window and shot and killed Flemming.

Moore said the driver of the truck was 69-year-old Martin Edward Zale.

Charges had not yet been issued.