Michigan Gov. Snyder Explains His Bizarre Snorkeling Super Bowl Ad

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) had to explain his latest campaign ad in which he rose out of the water wearing a snorkel while smooth jazz music played in the background.

The 60-second ad, which aired on local Fox affiliates during the Super Bowl, started out with Snyder snorkeling while a deep-voiced narrator described how Snyder has made “tough” decisions that “are bringing Michigan back.” The ad was met with confusion and head scratching.

Snyder said the snorkeling part was meant as a metaphor for Michigan and to get people’s attention.

“We were underwater and now we’re out of being underwater, so let’s go,” Snyder said, according to Mlive.com.

Snyder is actually a certified scuba diver. The ad was taped entirely in Michigan.

“All the scenes were Michigan scenes,” Snyder said. “We didn’t use state resources. We are all very careful about that kind of thing.”

The ad also branded Snyder as the “comeback kid.”

Strategic Perception Inc. produced the ad for Snyder. Snyder’s re-election campaign spent $400,000 on the 60-second ad.

Watch the ad, which one political consultant described as “bizarre” below:

(Photo credit: Youtube)