Report: Ron Paul’s Campaign Accused Of Bribing Iowa State Senator


An Iowa state senator claims that former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul’s campaign bribed him so that he would endorse the congressman before the state’s caucuses, according to the Iowa Republican. 

The conservative blog obtained a recording of a phone conversation between state Sen. Kent Sorenson (R) and a political activist in the state, in which Sorenson discusses abandoning Rep. Michele Bachmann’s (R-MN) campaign in exchange for payment from someone in Paul’s camp.

Sorenson alleges that Paul’s deputy national campaign manager, Demitri Kesari, met with him and his wife at a restaurant and gave his wife a check while he was in the bathroom. Sorensen believes that national campaign chairman, Jesse Benton, was also aware of the transaction.

Sorenson is already under investigation for allegedly bribing Bachmann’s campaign.

Benton denies any wrongdoing. 

(h/t The Hill)