Report: Pro-Romney Super PAC Reserves Air Time In Maine

Pro-Romney super PAC Restore Our Future has purchased $300,000 in air time on TV stations that broadcast to mostly northern and central Maine, according to a report from CNN.

Maine spilts some of its electoral votes by congressional district — the overall winner of the state gets two of the state’s four votes, then the winner of each congressional district gets one. Therefore, it’s possible for President Obama to win the statewide vote, the first congressional district (Portland and southern Maine) and lose the second district (northern and central Maine) to Romney giving the former Mass. governor an electoral vote.

A poll in mid-September from the Portland Press-Herald showed President Obama ahead 59 percent to Romney’s 31 percent in the first congressional district, but only up 46 percent to Romney’s 41 percent in the second. Another survey from the Maine People’s Resource Center showed Obama at 47.8 percent to Romney’s 41 percent in the second district.

The president leads the statewide race in Maine by a large margin.