Report: Politicians Reconsider Fundraisers After Shutdown


The federal shutdown is hitting the political fundraising world as well.

As the shutdown loomed closer, fundraisers held conference calls to consider whether to reschedule or cancel fundraising events, according to Politico.

On Monday, National Republican Congressional Committee Deputy Political Action Committee Director Krista Madaio postponed a fundraising reception with staff and members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Politico also reported that Republican fundraisers are also were forced to reconsider events scheduled for Monday in light of the shutdown as it became increasingly clear that Congress would not pass a continuing resolution.

But as of Monday, when Politico ran its story, it was not clear whether the Democratic and Republican campaign committees in the House and Senate would have a similar response to the shutdown.

Democratic Congressional Committee Chairman Steve Israel (D-NY) said that he had not been thinking beyond midnight on Monday concerning when to advise lawmakers on advising them when and how they should fundraise.