Rand Paul: Signing Up For Obamacare Put Me In A ‘Bad Mood’


Signing up for a new insurance policy left Sen. Rand Paul feeling sour Thursday.

“I’ve been in a bad mood ever since,” Paul told Louisville TV station WHAS.

The Kentucky Republican said it took him two hours to complete the process.

“I went through all of my information and then I clicked the sign up button – which I wasn’t very happy because of the price – but it didn’t sign up and I lost all my data,” he told WHAS.  “And I had to start all over again and finally got through.”

Like other members of Congress, Paul enrolled through the Washington, D.C.-based exchange. The cost for the senator’s new health plan is $20,000, about four times what Paul paid for the previous plan covering his wife and three sons, according to WHAS.

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