Rand Paul Aide Admits To Bad Sourcing After Plagiarism Allegations


Sen. Rand Paul’s office on Tuesday admitted in a statement that some of the Kentucky senator’s speeches were poorly sourced and not properly vetted, after several news reports accused him of plagiarism.

Doug Stafford, Paul’s senior advisor, said that the senator always uses his own ideas, but relies on staff to provide support.

“Sen. Paul also relies on a large number of staff and advisers to provide supporting facts and anecdotes – some of which were not clearly sourced or vetted properly,” Stafford said in the statement.

Stafford added that Paul will put in place a new policy in which footnotes will be available on request, and that citations will be more thorough.

“Adherence to a new approval process implemented by Sen. Paul will ensure proper citation and accountability in all collaborative works going forward,” Stafford said.