Rahm Sends ‘Deep Dish with Dead Fish’ To Jon Stewart After Daily Show Dig


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) hit back at Daily Show host Jon Stewart for trashing Chicago-style pizza as inferior to New York-style pizza. 

Emanuel’s office on Thursday ordered two deep dish style pizza with anchovies from New York’s Pizzeria Uno to the Daily Show offices with a note that read “Jon, Deep Dish with Dead Fish. Love, Rahm,” according to the Chicago Tribune

The pizzas were in response to a segment Stewart did on Wednesday about Chicago losing the claim of being home to the world’s tallest building in the world to New York. In that segment Stewart said Chicago-style pizza is really more like a casserole. 

“I don’t know whether to eat it or throw a coin in and make a wish,” Stewart said. 

The anchovies on Emanuel’s pizza may not have been an accident. There’s a famous story that Emanuel, when he was working at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee,  sent a rival a dead fish in a box, an homage to a famous scene in The Godfather. 

In response to Emanuel’s gift, Stewart’s camp posted a Vine video of a dog sniffing a pizza and running away, according to DNA Info Chicago.

A spokesman for Emanuel’s office told TPM on Friday they did not plan to respond to the Vine. 

Watch the original Daily Show segment that started it all below:

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