Quinnipiac: Plurality Blame Republicans More For Super Committee Failure

A small plurality, 44 percent of Americans, say that Republicans in Congress are more responsible for the failure of the Super Committee to come to a deal on future debt reduction. 38 percent say President Obama and the Democrats are to blame. Three weeks ago, Quinnipiac polling showed 46 percent said the GOP was at fault, versus 36 percent who said Democrats, so the difference between the two parties has lessened slightly. But no matter who Americans blame more, they never thought a deal would actually get made, according to the data.

From Quinnipiac:

“American voters are way ahead of the politicians. They knew the Super Committee had little chance of success. Watch for those job approval ratings to sink even lower, although the data indicate that at least for now voters hold the Republicans a bit more responsible,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.