Publicist At Center Of Trump Jr. Meeting Isn’t Shy About Support Of President

The Donald Trump family acquaintance, who recently made headlines for his role in arranging a meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Kremlin-linked attorney who he claimed wanted to share information to help the Trump campaign, is a big fan of the American President.

And he isn’t shy about boosting Trump on social media.

While Trump was running for President last summer, Rob Goldstone, a publicist from the UK who lives in New York, according to his Facebook page, made several posts on social media about the likelihood of a Trump win, and even making fun of then-candidate Hillary Clinton.

Goldstone was thrust into the spotlight this week after Donald Trump Jr. released a series of emails on Twitter Tuesday, showing how the meeting between Trump Jr., the President’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, then-campaign manager Paul Manafort and a Kremlin-linked attorney transpired. Goldstone arranged the meeting and told Trump Jr. in emails that the meeting with the “Russian government attorney” was part of an effort for the Russians to help with the Trump campaign. And, even after the release of the emails Tuesday, if there were any question about whether the meeting took place at Trump Tower on June 9, 2016, Goldstone confirmed it.

He checked in at the building on Facebook that day, with the caption: “Preparing for a meeting.”

Goldstone’s ties to the Trump empire start with his client Emin Agalarov, a Russian pop star whose father, Aras Agalarov, is a Moscow-based real estate developer who partnered with Trump in 2013 to bring the Miss Universe pageant to Russia. Aras Agalarov — sometimes referred to as the Donald Trump of Russia — was working with Trump to bring a Trump Tower to Russia, but the deal never panned out.

The President also appeared in one of Emin Agalarov’s music videos in 2013 that also featured Miss Universe contestants.

Trump Jr.’s emails revealed that Emin Agalarov asked Goldstone to contact the Trump campaign about “incriminating information” from the Russia government that would help then-candidate Trump.

A few months ago Goldstone posted a “throw back” photo of Trump and Emin Agalarov on Facebook.

A day after Trump was elected president, Goldstone reportedly posted a selfie on Instagram wearing a Russia t-shirt. That Instagram account has since been made private, but his Facebook posts are still public.

Looking back over the past year of Facebook posts, Goldstone rarely goes a single day without updating his friends about his recent travels, latest meals, newest selfies and current political opinions.

But since he made news as the publicist at the center of a political firestorm on Sunday, his Facebook posts have halted. His most recent post was a photo of the sign at the front entrance to a bath house in Athens, Greece, on July 9.

A frequent traveler, Goldstone’s social media presence is mostly lighthearted, with Facebook posts often featuring photos of the food he’s eating at restaurants, friends he’s spending evenings out with and scenic shots of his travels.

One post shows him entering a money-blowing machine:

And one consistent theme is Goldstone’s apparent love of hats.