Pro-GOP Super PAC Launches Ad Campaign To Draft Scott Brown For Senate


A Republican super PAC has launched an online ad campaign to draft former Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) to run for Senate in New Hampshire.

The Ending Spending Action Fund, a super PAC supported by billionaire Joe Ricketts, has launched an ad campaign to get Brown to run for Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s (D-NH) Seat in New Hampshire. The ad campaign is one of the latest examples of Republicans calling on Brown to run for Senate. Brown himself has suggested openness to running for Senate and is scheduled to speak at a New Hampshire GOP event on Thursday.

On Monday Shaheen’s reelection campaign sent out a fundraising email centered around the new ads. 

“They’re after Jeanne because she’s the only Democrat elected to the Senate from New Hampshire in 30 years. She can’t win without the resources to defend her record. We won’t have them without you,” Shaheen finance director Kari Thurman wrote in the email. “We’ve set a goal of $50,000 raised online by midnight tomorrow. This month is the last filing deadline of the year. It’s critical we make budget before Brown gets in, if he does.”

Ricketts’ super PAC caught attention in 2012 when The New York Times reported that he had considered a $10 million ad campaign focused on President Barack Obama’s relationship to Jeremiah Wright. Shortly after the story broke, Ricketts’s super PAC released a statement saying he did not plan to take up the proposed campaign.

See a copy of the web ads, via the New Hampshire Journal, below: