POLL: Gingrich Headed For Disappointment In CO and MN

After losses in Florida and Nevada, Newt Gingrich is not about to see his fortunes improving. That’s the result of a survey on the upcoming contests in Colorado and Minnesota just released by Public Policy Polling.

In Colorado, Mitt Romney is headed to an easy victory. He currently leads with 40% to Rick Santorum’s 26%. Gingrich trails in third place with 18%. 

In Minnesota, unlike Colorado, we’re looking at a toss-up; any of the four candidates have a shot at winning. Right now, Santorum holds a small lead with 29% to Romney’s 27%. Gingrich has 22% and Ron Paul trails only slightly with 19%.

Could Gingrich make a come-back? Maybe, but, as Public Policy Polling put it, “What both states have in common is that Gingrich has fallen precipitously since our last polls in them.”