Perry Points Out: David Axelrod Called My Indictment ‘Sketchy’

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) on Sunday turned to the responses of some liberals to his indictment for public corruption in order to defend himself.

“Let me just share with you: David Axelrod said this was a very ‘sketchy’ indictment. Professor Dershowitz, who is not exactly my cheerleader, said that it was outrageous,” Perry said on “Fox News Sunday,” according to Mediaite. “So I think across the board you’re seeing people weigh in and reflecting that this is way outside of the norm.”

Axelrod, a former Obama adviser, weighed on on Perry’s indictment on Saturday.

And Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz on Saturday called himself a “liberal Democrat who would never vote for Rick Perry” and told Newsmax on Saturday that he was “outraged” by he indictment.

“Everybody, liberal or conservative, should stand against this indictment,” he said. “If you don’t like how Rick Perry uses his office, don’t vote for him.”