Peggy Noonan: Rush’s Remarks ‘Crude, Rude, Even Piggish’

On ABC’s This Week, conservative commentator Peggy Noonan strongly denounced Rush Limbaugh’s defamatory remarks about Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke.

“What Rush Limbaugh said was crude, rude, even piggish, it was just unacceptable, he ought to be called on it,” Noonan said Sunday. “I’m glad he has apologized. I guess there will be a debate now about the nature of the apology. But what he said was also destructive.”

She added: “It confused the issue. It played into this trope that the Republicans have a war on women. No, they don’t, but he made it look they that way. It confused the larger issue which is the real issue, which is ‘Obamacare,’ and its incursions against religious freedoms, which is a serious issue. It was not about this young lady at Georgetown.”