Palin: Christie’s Appearance ‘Extreme,’ It’s Hard ‘Not To Comment On It’

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s (R) reelection victory has brought on an avalanche of subtle (and not so subtle) jabs at the governor’s weight — but according to Sarah Palin, that’s natural because the governor’s appearance has been “extreme.”

The former Republican vice presidential nominee said Monday in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper that both she and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as female political candidates, had faced sexist scrutiny of their wardrobes and other “superficial things that the men don’t ever seem to hear much about.”

When Tapper pointed out that Christie’s appearance has also been scrutinized, Palin responded “That’s because it’s been extreme. So it’s hard for some people not to comment on it.”

Christie appeared on the cover of TIME last week under the title “The Elephant In The Room,” which many interpreted to reference the governor’s weight. He brushed off that cover in an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” saying “it’s certainly not the first weight joke that’s been thrown my way in the last four years.”