Obama On Obamacare Outreach: ‘I Need You To Spread The Word’


President Obama urged supporters Tuesday to encourage people to return to HealthCare.gov or check it out for the first time now that the website is working better.

He made both a direct plea to those discouraged by the site’s problems to come back and to supporters to “spread the word” about the law and its benefits.

“We need people now that we’re getting the technology fixed, we need you to go back and take a look at what’s going on because it can make a difference in your lives and lives of your families,” Obama said at the White House. “And maybe it won’t make a difference right now if you’re feeling healthy, but I promise you, if somebody in your family heaven forbid gets sick, you’ll see the difference.”

“If you’ve already got health insurance or already taken advantage of the Affordable Care Act, you’ve got to tell your friends and family and tell your co-workers and tell your neighbors,” he continued. “That’s how fellow Americans get covered and give every American a fighting chance in today’s economy.”