Obama: Job Prospects For Young People ‘Going To Be Great’

In an interview that aired Tuesday, President Barack Obama told radio host Ryan Seacrest that he’s optimistic about the employment outlook for college graduates entering the work force.

“Well, what we’ve seen over the last 32 months, five and a half million new jobs created and the unemployment rate steadily moving down,” Obama told Seacrest. “And so, job prospects for young people, especially if they’re getting some sort of advanced degree — whether it’s at a community college or a four-year college — the prospects for young people are going to be great. And it’s going to be very important that we continue this progress and a lot of the debate during this campaign is, do we go back to the policies that got us in trouble in the first place or do we make investments in things like helping young people afford college.”

The president also offered an Election Day admonition to listeners.

“The first thing is vote,” Obama said. “Regardless of who you’re voting for our democracy works when the American people get involved. The American people are decent, hard working, and they’ve got great instincts. The more people participate the better the outcome.”