Obama Campaign: Husted Has Created ‘Confusion’ On Ohio Early Voting

The Obama campaign asked a federal judge on Monday to enforce his ruling on early voting in Ohio and compel the state to allow voters there to cast ballots three days before election day. Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted requested a stay of the ruling until an appeals court ruled on U.S. District Judge Peter Economus’ decision.

Obama’s campaign said in a court filing Monday that due to Husted’s “inconsistent and changing positions in this case on the voters eligible to vote over this three-day period, the State bears the responsibility for any confusion among voters that may have occurred.” The Obama team said neither Husted nor the 15 military groups appealing the ruling would suffer any harm if county elections boards were allowed to prepare to keep the polls open during that three day period. Granting a stay, on the other hand, “would present real risks of harm to the public interest and to the parties interested in this proceeding,” the Obama campaign said.