Obama Speaks To Netanyahu About Iran Nuke Deal


President Obama called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday and pledged continued talks with Israel as both countries continue to work toward a final deal to halt Iran’s nuclear program.

The administration announced Saturday a preliminary agreement with Iran, which states that the country must freeze its nuclear program for six months in exchange for some relief from sanctions while global leaders hash out a final deal.

Read the full statement from the White House:

President Obama called Prime Minister Netanyahu today to discuss the P5+1’s first step agreement with Iran regarding Iran’s nuclear program.  The two leaders reaffirmed their shared goal of preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.  The President noted that the P5+1 will use the months ahead to pursue a lasting, peaceful, and comprehensive solution that would resolve the international community’s concerns regarding Iran’s nuclear program.  Consistent with our commitment to consult closely with our Israeli friends, the President told the Prime Minister that he wants the United States and Israel to begin consultations immediately regarding our efforts to negotiate a comprehensive solution.  The President underscored that the United States will remain firm in our commitment to Israel, which has good reason to be skeptical about Iran’s intentions.  The President and Prime Minister agreed to stay in close contact on this issue as the P5+1 and Iran negotiate a long-term solution over the next six months.