O’Malley Endorses Booker For New Jersey Senate

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley announced in a press release Thursday that he would be endorsing Newark Mayor Corey Booker to fill the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s New Jersey Senate seat.

The release read:

Over the past seven years, Mayor Booker has worked tirelessly to improve Newark’s schools, reduce violent crime, spur economic growth, expand opportunity and create jobs. On an issue near and dear to my heart, he’s aggressively implemented CitiStat, an initiative we created in Baltimore when I was mayor. Through CitiStat, Mayor Booker has made Newark more efficient, while saving taxpayer dollars and delivering better results to Newark’s citizens.

In these challenging times, there is a clear contrast emerging between leadership that works and ideology that doesn’t. The fundamental question is no longer about whether we move left or right, but whether we move forward or back. We need more entrepreneurial, collaborative, results-driven leaders like Cory Booker in the U.S. Senate, not more politics as usual.  I plan to work hard to get him elected.

Booker is one of four Democrats and two Republicans running for the seat and is considered to be an early favorite. O’Malley has been publicly weighing a 2016 presidential run.