NYT Goes Inside Dark And Dreary Final Days Of Trump Campaign


In the final days of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, the New York Times embarked on a deep dive into the campaign’s attempts to salvage Trump’s candidacy, interviewing several aides and advisers.

Here are a few of the highlights from the Times’ report:

  • Aides have finally succeeded in taking away Trump’s access to his own Twitter account.
  • Surprise! His campaign staff has enormous trouble keeping Trump focused.
  • Trump “privately muses about all of the ways he will punish his enemies after Election Day” and has floated using a super PAC to seek revenge.
  • Ivanka Trump filmed an ad for her father’s campaign, but she “discouraged the campaign from promoting the ad in news releases” due to concern that the ad could hurt her brands.
  • After the FBI announced it would review newly discovered emails related to its probe into Clinton’s use of a private email server, Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon was so focused on what Trump should say that a hot light near the teleprompter caused his “Kuhl hiking pants to begin smoldering.”
  • On his campaign plane, Trump forces his aides to constantly talk to him rather than lest them rest, and he “prefers the soothing, whispery voice of his son-in-law.”