Hillary Clinton Goes Shopping At Bergdorf’s, Naturally Fuels 2016 Speculation


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was spotted going into Bergdorf Goodman for a private shopping appointment Tuesday morning, according to the New York Post’s Emily Smith, naturally “sparking further speculation that she’s suiting up for a 2016 presidential run.”

There’s been plenty of speculation already that Clinton is mulling a run for president. But pun aside, it’s hard to see what going to Bergdorf Goodman has to do with Clinton’s future political plans.

To get to the bottom of what Clinton was up to, the Post even reached out to Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines about the shopping spree — perhaps to ask whether the former secretary of state walked out with a rockin’ new pantsuit. Reines didn’t respond.

From the Post:

Hillary, a low-key dresser and the oft purveyor of the humble pantsuit, has steadfastly refused to make fashion an issue. While secretary of state, in 2010, she dressed down a moderator in Kyrgyzstan who asked, “Which designers do you prefer?” Hillary responded, “Would you ever ask a man that question?”

But she’s been known to rock an Oscar de la Renta gown — she presented the CFDA Founder’s Award to the iconic designer last year — or a Chanel jacket.

So since Clinton has refused to make fashion an issue, the Post made it an issue for her. What does it all mean for 2016? Likely nothing.