The NRA Introduces America To Elaine, The ‘Straight-Shootin’ Senior’

The National Rifle Association’s online news channel on Wednesday ran a “special report” introducing its viewers to Elaine, a 72-year-old widow, grandmother, and “straight-shootin’ senior.”

In an interview with NRA News’ Ginny Simone, Elaine talked about her enthusiasm for her AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, which she keeps for home defense.

“The police department is very good where I live, but it probably takes them at least 10 minutes to get to my house,” Elaine says in the video. “There’s a lot of bad stuff that can happen in 10 minutes.”

Elaine also offered up more general arguments about the state of the country.

“It’s been such a slippery slope,” she says. “My father died about 30 years ago, and if he came back today he would not recognize this country. And that is scary when it’s less than a generation.”