New Jersey Will Receive Critical Rock Salt After It Was Held Up On Foreign Ship

Associated Press

A badly needed shipment of rock salt that was held up by the Department of Homeland Security will arrive before an oncoming storm after all, Garden State Sen. Cory Booker (D) told CBS on Tuesday.

Officials halted 40,000 tons of rock salt in Maine because the vessel carrying the shipment flew a foreign flag. Per the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, ships carrying cargo between U.S. ports must fly a U.S. flag, according to CBS.

Booker said that officials were able to acquire a smaller vessel flying the correct flag that can ferry the shipment in multiple trips.

“I don’t have an exact time, and I don’t want to put one on because … this is an evolving story,” Booker said. “But I know Sen. Menendez and I will keep the pressure and heat on to make sure this is done as quickly as possible. I’m feeling good about the progress we’re making and feel hopeful about the weather ahead, but we want to be prepared for the crisis.”