New Hampshire Poll: Obama By 7.5 Points, Plurality Favors Public Option

President Obama leads Republican candidate Mitt Romney in New Hampshire, 51 percent to Romney’s 43.5 percent, according to a new poll from Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling and commissioned by the liberal-leaning Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC). 

The poll also included a question on the public option, a provision considered during the health care reform debate but ultimately dropped. The poll asked whether voters would support “creating a public health insurance option administered by the federal government that would compete with plans offered by private health insurance companies.” Forty-seven percent supported the idea and 40.5 percent opposed it. 

“This is the second poll released in two days showing New Hampshire voters reject Mitt Romney,” PCCC Spokesman Neil Sroka said in a statement, referring to a poll from the Unveristy of New Hampshire released Monday that showed a 15-point Obama lead. “The same voters on the verge of re-electing President Obama still want a public option.”

The PollTracker Average of New Hampshire shows the president with a 10.9 percent lead.