Netanyahu: Iran ‘In The Red Zone’ And We ‘Can’t Let Them Score A Touchdown’

Appearing Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used a football metaphor to describe his concerns about the Iranian nuclear program.

“They’re in the red zone,” he said. “You know, they’re in the last 20 yards and you can’t let them cross that goal line. You can’t let them score a touchdown because that would have unbelievable consequences — grievous consequences for the peace and security of us all, of the world really.”

Netanyahu has called on the international community to establish a clear “red line” that Iran may not cross with regard to its uranium enrichment program.

“Once the Iranians understand that there’s a line that they cannot cross, they’re not likely to cross it,” he said. “Iran has been placed with some clear red lines on a few matters, and they’ve avoided crossing them.”

The Israeli leader said his nation would “threatened by annihilation” if Iran obtains a nuclear weapon.