One Of Tucker Carlson’s Reporters Thinks Putin Is Justified In Repressing Gays


It’s been a banner month for The Daily Caller, the conservative news site helmed by Tucker Carlson.

First, there were the disgusting tweets sent out by Patrick Howley, who’s seemingly suffered little or no fallout at The Daily Caller for his remarks.

Now, Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern brings attention to a piece published Monday by Neil Munro, The Daily Caller’s White House correspondent who’s probably best-known for repeatedly interrupting Democrats like President Obama and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

Munro reported on Obama’s criticism of a punitive law in Uganda that imposes lifetime imprisonment for “aggravated homosexuality.”

Here’s how Munro characterized Obama’s threat of sanctions against Uganda:

President Barack Obama is cutting U.S. aid for the poor African country of Uganda and blocking a health survey, because its elected government signed a popular and harsh law against homosexual conduct.

And two paragraphs later:

The penalty spotlights the administration’s top-level and hard-edged effort to punish countries that disagree with its gay rights agenda.

But Munro was in rare form later in the piece when he offered a perplexing explanation for Russia’s own law against so-called “gay propaganda”:

The Russian law was intended to boost Russia’s shrinking population, which is expected to drop from roughly 140 million to 120 million by 2050. In contrast, the populations of China and the Muslim countries to Russia’s East and South are rising.

Stern was understandably confused, so he reached out to Munro hoping to get a better idea of how Russia’s law could somehow spur population growth.

Munro said that “Russians tie family and sex (whodathunkit?) together” and directed Stern to Putin’s own defense of the law.