Mitch Hits Tea Party Group For Luxury Home With Wine Cellar And Hot Tub


NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is out with a new attack ad on Friday directly going after the Senate Conservatives Fund for its lavish offices on Capitol Hill and primary challenger Matt Bevin for implying that he had a graduate degree from MIT.

“Matt Bevin and out of state special interest groups are attacking Mitch McConnell — nothing new,” a narrator in the ad said. “About what you’d expect from Matt Bevin who claimed on his resume that he went to MIT, when he didn’t even attend. Bevin’s allies at the so-called Senate Conservatives Fund are also attacking.”

The narrator continued that “press reports reveal that they solicit solicit money from people under the guise of advocating for conservative principles but then spend it on a $1.4 million luxury townhouse with a wine cellar and hot tub in Washington D.C.”

Buzzfeed recently reported on the Senate Conservatives Fund’s Capitol Hill townhouse that it rents for office space which does include a wine cellar and hot tub.

The mention of MIT mention refers to Bevin coming under scrutiny for suggesting that he was a graduate of MIT or an program affiliated with MIT. But the school said the three-week seminar he attended did not have any formal connection to the school.

Here are the responses from Bevin’s campaign and the Senate Conservatives Fund.

In a statement, Bevin spokesman Rachel Semmel said:

Mitch McConnell can run from his record of supporting higher taxes and increased spending but he can’t hide behind false mudslinging. The more Kentuckians are realizing this career politician says one thing in the Commonwealth and does something different in Washington they are flocking to conservative alternative Matt Bevin.

Senate Conservatives Fund Executive Director Matt Hoskins responded to TPM with the following:

Mitch McConnell is clearly in trouble in this primary or he wouldn’t be attacking Matt Bevin and declaring war on conservatives. Mitch McConnell isn’t upset because SCF rents a townhouse for office space; he’s upset because we’re spending money on radio and TV ads that expose his record of voting for bailouts, more debt, higher taxes, and Obamacare funding. Matt Bevin is different. He’s a businessman, not a politician, and he will fight to stop the spending and debt that are bankrupting our country. Mitch McConnell has been in Washington for thirty years and it’s time for a change.

Listen to the ad below. The ad will air statewide across Kentucky on conservative radio channels: