Michelle Nunn: ‘Impossible’ To Say If I’d Have Voted For Obamacare (VIDEO)

Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn won’t say if she would have voted for Obamacare.

The party’s presumptive nominee — who is polling competitively against her prospective GOP opponents — was asked the question in an interview with NBC’s Kasie Hunt which aired Monday morning. She dodged twice.

NBC: Would you have voted for the Affordable Care Act?

NUNN: So at the time that the Affordable Health Care Act was passed, I was working for Points Of Light. I wish that we had had more people who had tried to architect a bipartisan legislation.

NBC: So, yes or no?

NUNN: So, you know, I think it’s impossible to look back retrospectively and say ‘what would you have done when you were there?’

The full transcript of Nunn’s interview was posted by Slate’s Dave Weigel. Watch the video of her dodging on her hypothetical vote on Obamacare, uploaded by the pro-Republican super PAC America Rising.

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