Men’s Health Sorry For Article Teaching Men How To Explain Sports To Women

Men’s Health magazine was forced to apologize and retract an article published on its website on Monday that told men how to explain sports to women who may not “share your passion,” according to

The article was screengrabbed by a reporter before it was scrubbed from the web by Men’s Health. By Tuesday morning, a message appeared on the page where the article had once been, reading: “You are not authorized to access this page.”

The article, which contained only about 100 words, was premised on the idea that “most women don’t care about stats” and suggested men use “story lines” to help women get into the sport.

“While you’re enthusing about Dominic Moore’s scoring record, she’d rather hear about how he supported his wife’s battle with cancer – and even took a season off from the NHL at the height of his career,” the magazine advised. “Treat your heroes as people and not just players on a field, and you’ll suck her in.”

Here’s the article, as screengrabbed by

Swift backlash on social media prompted Men’s Health to issue a two-part apology Monday on Twitter.