Memo Outlines House GOP’s Plan Of Attack Against Obamacare


A memo circulated among House Republicans this week details the GOP’s plan to relentlessly attack the Affordable Care Act over the course of the next several months, the New York Times reported.

The memo contains a number of talking points that echo some of the GOP’s most dire warnings about the health care law.

“Because of Obamacare, I Lost My Insurance.” reads one. 

“The Exchanges May Not Be Secure, Putting Personal Information at Risk,” reads another.

According to the Times, GOP strategists intend to use the next several months to “gather stories of people affected by the health care law — through social media, letters from constituents, or meetings during visits back home — and use them to open a line of attack, keep it going until it enters the public discourse and forces a response, then quickly pivot to the next topic.”

Read the memo here.