Meghan McCain Grills CPAC Chair Over Crowd Booing Her Father (VIDEO)

Meghan McCain on Friday took Matt Schlapp, the chair of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), to task for declining to defend Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) when the CPAC crowd let out boos when President Donald Trump mentioned the senator’s vote against Obamacare repeal.

“I have to tell you when President Trump called out my dad and led a crowd of booing I was so upset. I was so hurt. I know it’s about policy. I don’t understand why Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski aren’t also brought up if you want to talk about the Obamacare debate,” Meghan McCain said on ABC’s “The View.”

Trump singled out John McCain during his CPAC speech last week. The President did not mention the senator by name, but singled out his last minute vote against a repeal bill, prompting the crowd to jeer.

Meghan McCain asked Schlapp why conservatives can’t respect her father as he undergoes treatment for brain cancer.

“Why at this moment when he’s suffering from the worst brain cancer that exists and going through chemo, why there can’t be a modicum of respect for my family at this moment from CPAC?” she asked.

Schlapp told her she made a “very good point,” prompting Meghan McCain to note that Schlapp defended the booing on Twitter.

“Your father is a national hero. He has served his country. He has fought for his life beforehand he’s fighting for his life now. And I think we all respect that,” Schlapp responded before noting that it was only about “disagreement on policy questions.”

“He’s a good man,” Schlapp said before he was cut off by the co-hosts of “The View.”

Conservative commentator Anna Navarro told Schlapp he should have defended McCain’s character on stage at CPAC, earning applause from the audience at “The View.”

Watch the clip: