NYT: Trump Lawyers At Odds Over How Many Documents To Turn Over To Mueller

Mary Altaffer/AP

As special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe intensifies, President Donald Trump’s attorneys have butted heads over how many documents the Trump team should turn over to Mueller’s investigation, the New York Times reported Sunday.

White House Counsel Donald McGahn (pictured above) has argued that Trump’s team should limit the number of documents they turn over to the probe right now in case the President at some point invokes executive privilege, according to the New York Times. Ty Cobb, Trump’s special counsel, has argued that the White House should turn over as many documents as possible quickly, per the New York Times.

A reporter for the New York Times overheard Cobb complaining at lunch in Washington, D.C., that McGahn was keeping documents from him. Asked about this, Cobb praised McGahn to the New York Times.

“He has been very helpful to me, and whenever we have differences of opinion, we have been able to work them out professionally and reach consensus,” Cobb told the Times. “We have different roles. He has a much fuller plate. But we’re both devoted to this White House and getting as much done on behalf of the presidency as possible.”

As the Russia probes intensifies and additional Trump staffers obtain legal representation, staffers have also said that they are concerned other staffers could be wearing wires to record conversations for Mueller, the Times reported.

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