McConnell Accuses CNN’s Candy Crowley Of Adopting ‘Democratic Talking Points’ In Question On Oil Subsidies

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Sunday accused CNN’s Candy Crowley of adopting Democratic talking points in a question about oil industry tax loopholes.

“Senator,” she said on State of the Union, “just in terms of the fairness issue, which you know is very important to Americans, and to politicians, one hopes, the oil companies are making record profits and yet taxpayers are paying for these loophopes for oil companies, which are basically tax breaks. And so, just on the face of it sir, it certainly does seem to a lot of Americans that people who are making record profits shouldn’t be taking taxes that we’re paying on April 15 to get their tax breaks.”

The Republican senator responded, “Well, you know, with all due respect Candy, you’re using all the Democratic talking points, and that’s all quite interesting and it polls well, but … the issue is the price of gas at the pump. If you raise taxes on the producers, you drive the prices even higher.”

In the middle of McConnell’s answer, Crowley interjected, “Well I use the Republican ones for a Democrat.”