McAllister Clarifies: I’ve Never Expected Campaign Cash For A Vote


Rep. Vance McAllister (R-LA), who said last week that some members of Congress receive campaign contributions for voting a certain way on bills, clarified that he himself has never expected money for a vote.

The congressman told Gannett Louisiana on Sunday that his comment, which were initially published by the Ouachita Citizen, “was taken completely out of context.”

“I have never cast a vote with the expectation or anticipation of receiving any money for a vote,” McAllister told Gannett Louisiana. “I was just trying to illustrate how much money controls Washington, D.C., and the reporter took the comments totally out of context.”

According to the Ouachita Citizen, one of McAllister’s colleagues told him that if he voted against a bill dealing with the Bureau of Land Management, he would receive a contribution from the Heritage Foundation.

McAllister would not elaborate on his speech to Gannett, but added that he was not talking about the Heritage Foundation, which is prohibited from spending directly on political candidates.

[H/t Washington Post]