Mass. Guv Candidate Turns His Kidney Stone Into a Fundraising Pitch


The Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate who passed a kidney stone during a debate last week is turning his agony into a fundraising opportunity.

State Treasurer Steve Grossman (D) sent several emails to supporters over the weekend that made mostly lighthearted reference to the ordeal, the Boston Globe reported.

“Despite suffering extreme pain from a kidney stone attack, Steve showed up to stand strongly in support for LGBT social justice and equality just as he has for years,” an email sent Friday under the subject line “had to share this (even if it is TMI!)” read, as quoted by the Globe. “Steve won’t let anything keep him from the work that will move our Commonwealth forward, but we can’t do it without you. Will you donate today to help us hit our end of month goal?”

Grossman’s campaign later sent two other follow-ups, according to the Globe. One read “we’re just a stone’s throw from our goal” while another, signed by Grossman himself, read “Everybody has been making a big deal about my kidney stones…”

Grossman is competing for the Democratic nomination in a field of five candidates that includes Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, Juliette Kayyem, Joe Avellone, and Don Berwick.