Mark Udall: Status Quo In Syria ‘Not Acceptable’ And No-Fly Zone Should Be Considered

HALIFAX, Canada — Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) called on the Obama Administration Saturday to give “thoughtful consideration” to imposing a no-fly zone in Syria to protect rebel forces and civilians.

“Now that our election is over I urge the administration to consider every option. The status quo is not acceptable,” Udall told reporters during a press conference at the Halifax International Security Forum. “The no fly zone proposal is worthy of some thoughtful consideration. The longer this conflict continues … the more dangerous it is for the region.”

In assessing the current state of the battlefield in Syria, Udall, who sits on the Senate Armed Services and Intelligence committees, said, “Air power is being used not only to kill and terrorize Syrian citizens but to resupply bases that are increasingly isolated.” However, Udall stopped short of calling for the immediate imposition of a no-fly zone. “I’m not endorsing a no-fly zone standing here today, but I think it’s worthy of a lot of additional thought and conversation.”