Sen. Mark Kirk Finally Settles On A Write-In For POTUS: David Petraeus


Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL), perhaps the most vulnerable Senate Republican up for re-election, told reporters Tuesday that he wrote in former CIA Director David Petraeus for President, according to NBC Chicago.

Kirk has publicly waffled in his decision for president several times.

In May, Kirk was optimistic about Trump’s chances of picking up the nomination and said that he would endorse Trump if he became the nominee.

In June, Kirk rescinded his endorsement for Trump, saying he was “too bigoted and racist for the Land of Lincoln.” He announced that, instead, he would write in Petraeus for president.

However, after coming under fire for choosing disgraced retired general, Kirk changed course in July and announced that he would write in Former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

In August, Kirk reverted back to Petraeus. However, as recently as last week, Kirk said in an interview with WBEZ Chicago that he didn’t know who he would vote for.