Limbaugh: Hillary’s ‘Only And Greatest Achievement’ Is ‘Being Female’ (AUDIO)

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Thursday said that Hillary Clinton’s “only and greatest achievement” is that she’s a woman, and that’s why many Democrats are eager for her to run for president.

During his show, Limbaugh discussed a recent video in which young people excited about the possibility of Clinton running struggled to name any of her concrete achievements as secretary of state.

“These people readily acknowledge that they don’t know anything about — they can’t name one achievement,” he said. “And yet they are enthusiastic about her becoming President. And you know why? Because she would be the first woman.”

He then launched into an argument that Democrats are focused on electing a someone who’s part of a minority group as President because he or she will be immune to criticism.

“One of the reasons why Mrs. Clinton is back in the mix is because of gender. And if it isn’t Mrs. Clinton, the Democrats are going to go for an Hispanic, because they see what they have pulled off here with Obama,” he argued. “The first African-American President — beyond criticism. You can’t criticize anything, you can’t chronicle his failures, you can’t do anything because you’re being racist. And the Democrats have learned this.”

Limbaugh then accused Democrats of being “racist” and “sexist” because of their focus on electing minorities and women.

He then offered his conclusion that the highlight of Hillary Clinton’s resumé is being a woman.

“You boil it down here and the only and greatest achievement Hillary Clinton has is her gender — being female,” he said, noting that the liberals focused on gender and race are “primarily young people.”

Listen to the audio via the Daily Rushbo:

[H/t Business Insider]