Limbaugh: Bartender Who Threatened To Poison Boehner Influenced By Dems


Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday said that Democrats may have influenced the bartender who threatened to kill House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH).

According to charging documents from the FBI bartender Michael Hoyt said in October that he wanted to kill Boehner, in part because the speaker “is responsible for Ebola.”

And Limbaugh suggested that Hoyt got this idea from Democrats.

“This guy’s hearing voices, but I mean you go back to October, take a look at the Drive-By Media and some of the efforts to intimidate Boehner,” Limbaugh said. “He’s clearly a nut case. He’s clearly got some screws loose. The synapses are not firing in a coordinated way in the guy’s brain. Clearly a Looney Toon. But nevertheless he had these designs.”

The radio host then cited reports and ads that blamed Republicans for Centers for Disease Control funding cuts, which may have slowed American researchers’ ability to develop an ebola vaccine.

“Now, again, notice that this came to a head back in October, which was during the height of the Democrat attacks on Boehner, right before the midterm elections,” Limbaugh said. “For example, Democrats claimed the Republicans cut funding for research for the Ebola vaccine and the National Institutes for Health and the CDC in general. Remember that?”

“And they always do this. Republicans are poisoning the water. Republicans want your kids to get sick and die,” Limbaugh continued.