Libertarian Radio Host: Santa Race Debate An ‘Attack On The American Family Structure’


Libertarian radio host Neil Boortz on Tuesday said that the recent debate about the race of Santa Claus is an “attack on the American family structure,” Buzzfeed reported.

Boortz, who has been filling in for Herman Cain on his radio show, discussed MSNBC host Touré’s Monday statement that President Obama is like Santa Claus.

Boortz disagreed with Touré’s Santa-government comparison.

“This is just all a part of the attack on the American family structure, because the American family structure is a threat to government dominance and the government must dominate,” Boortz said. “The government must provide. Whatever you want, you must look to the government. Whatever problem you have, the government must solve it for you. Whatever need you face, the government must meet that need. Whatever crisis you face, the government must be your savior. Not your family. Not the concept of Santa Claus as a child. The government.”

He said that Santa is white no matter where he came from.

“I don’t care if he’s from Lithuania or Laos, I don’t care. Santa Claus is white,” Boortz said. “He’s been white for brown, black, white for ages.”

On Monday, while defending Fox News host Megyn Kelly on the issue, Boortz said Santa is white just like “Martin Luther King is always portrayed as black.”