Laura Bush: Future First Gentleman Should ‘Stand Back And Be Quiet’

Former First Lady Laura Bush has some advice to offer the country’s future first gentleman, whoever that may turn out to be: “stand back and be quiet.”

Bush decried the focus put on a first lady’s appearance in an interview with C-SPAN set to air Monday. She said that focus on looks may be unavoidable, so it should apply just the same to the husband of the first woman elected to America’s highest office.

“I don’t think we can get around it,” she said. “Maybe when we finally have a First Gentleman, and maybe we should be that way about the First Gentleman also and really critique the way they look all the time, their choice of tie or their hairstyle or whatever. Or maybe their weight.”

“Stand back and be quiet,” she laughed when asked to give advice to a future first gentleman. “I don’t know, it’ll be interesting when it finally happens what the First Gentleman will do. I hope they’ll take on men’s health, perhaps.”