Wilmore Bashes GOPers For Skipping Selma Anniversary: ‘Shame On You’ (VIDEO)

Larry Wilmore came down hard on the GOP leadership on Monday’s edition of “The Nightly Show.”

Wilmore initially celebrated the event as a unifying moment for Americans of all stripes to remember an inspiring chapter of national history.

“Even noted impressionist painter George W. Bush and his wife and muse Laura were there!” Wilmore said. “That’s what made this so special.”

But he was disappointed to learn that the Republican leadership would be skipping the event. It convinced him that the rivalry between had gone from Lakers vs. Celtics to a “Batman-Joker thing.”

“Mitch McConnell and John, look—I get you don’t support Obama, but you could’ve at least showed up to support John Lewis,” he said.

“Your party stood with him in 1965, so shame on you for not supporting him in 2015,” he added.

Watch the clip: