Lanny Davis Believes LeBron’s Decision Could Teach Republicans Something About Benghazi

Lanny Davis, the former Clinton White House counsel-turned-public relations consultant, thinks congressional Republicans could learn a thing or two from LeBron James.

In a tortured column published Wednesday for The Hill, Davis explained how the NBA superstar’s recent decision to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers could provide important lessons for Republicans as they renew the hunt for their white whale.

“LeBron James’s surprise announcement last Friday that he planned to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers from the Miami Heat offers important lessons for effective crisis management,” Davis wrote. “Indeed, the most important lesson might be applicable to House Republicans as they plan new hearings on Benghazi this fall.”

Davis went on to explain that, just as James admitted that he erred when he announced his decision in 2010 to bolt Cleveland for Miami in a nationally televised special, Republicans must also look inward.

“So what can Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy, the chairman of the Benghazi special committee, learn from LeBron?” Davis wrote. “Simple: admit past GOP errors about Benghazi and take responsibility.”

Davis, a Fox News Democrat who’s never met a cause for which he won’t shill, has dedicated himself in recent months to defending the Washington Redskins from criticism toward its racially charged moniker.