Key House Panel Approves IPAB Repeal With Dem Support

As expected, the House Energy & Commerce health subcommittee on Wednesday approved a GOP bill by a 17-5 margin to repeal the health care reform law’s Independent Payment Advisory Board.

Rep. Frank Pallone (NJ), the top Democrat on the subcommittee, voted with Republicans after expressing his opposition to IPAB, but also said he was disenchanted with the GOP’s broad motive to derail the Affordable Care Act. Democratic Rep. Ed Towns (NY) joined Pallone in voting for repeal.

They aren’t the only House Dems to back repeal of the panel, which is designed to rein in Medicare spending over time by holding down reimbursements to providers. It does not have the authority to cut payments to beneficiaries.

All the Republicans on the panel voted to repeal IPAB. The White House defended the provisions in a blog post hours before the vote.