Keillor Attorney Wants Minnesota Public Radio To ‘Set The Record Straight’


After the president of Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) told employees Wednesday that longtime radio host Garrison Keillor was dismissed because of “multiple allegations” of sexual misconduct, Keillor’s attorney suggested the radio station official may be lying.

“We are aware of allegations against Mr. Keillor by only one individual,” attorney Eric Nilsson said in a statement sent to the Associated Press on Thursday. “We trust that Mr. McTaggart will set the record straight in this respect to avoid any misperceptions on that point.”

Minnesota Public Radio last week cut ties with Keillor, the longtime former host of “The Prairie Home Companion” show, after a former colleague complained about his inappropriate touching. During an off-the-record meeting with employees on Wednesday, MPR President Jon McTaggart said it was his personal decision to axe Keillor and he said he was aware of several allegations that spanned over a long period of time, according to employees who spoke to MPR News after the meeting.

Keillor has admitted that he touched a woman’s bare back when he was trying to console her and told the Star Tribune that he apologized afterward. His attorney said he wants to see the issue resolved quickly and said he “expects a full restoration of his reputation.”